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Virtual Servers - 3 for the price of 1

Three Virtual Servers for the price of One
UKUHost offers the most comprehensive Virtual Server hosting plan in the UK today. Our Windows 2000 Virtual web server's are optimised to provide you with the best possible service available on a shared server solution.

What's more we won't limit you to just one server spreading your hosted domains across a minimum three independent web servers.

Its your business create your own domain Control Panel - FREE!
Your Logo, support email address, and support telephone number. As part of your Virtual Server account we provide you with the ability to configure 2 Control Panel Templates. You choose what is displayed from our default options and add other menu options. You then assign a Control Panel template to any of the domains within your Virtual Server Account. 

Your Virtual Server account is only 49.99 per month, if you pay annually you get two months FREE!   Within your Virtual server account you can then host an unlimited number of domains for an amazing 29.99 each per year. In addition you can also have an unlimited number of domain pointers, with unlimited email forwards or full email services from just 14.99 p.a. 

The following services are provided FREE of charge with each Virtual Server domain.

  • FREE! Domain Control Panel (with your corporate branding).
  • FREE! DSN Maintenance.
  • FREE! FrontPage extensions.
  • FREE! Livestats Analysis.
  • FREE! Password Maintenance.
  • FREE! Email administration.

Special Offer! 
Transferring 10 or more domains call 0800 542 6549 for details.

Click here to order your Virtual Server Account now!

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call us free on 0800 542 6549
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