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Microsoft SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2000 holds benchmark records for scalability and reliability, both of which are critical to the success of an enterprise database. Whether the measure is speed of application development or speed of transaction processing, SQL Server 2000 is the fastest database, making it the top choice for the agile enterprise.

Is SQL Server on the same server as my web sites?
No. Our SQL server offerings are independent therefore ensuring our servers are optimised for there primary role.

How do I connect to my SQL database from my web site?
You can configure your scripts to connect to your SQL db via a DSN or DSNLess connections

What if my database grows?
We do not cap your SQL databases allowing them to grow freely. We will of course adjust our charges should your database ever exceed the size your have subscribed to.

How do I administer my SQL db?
To create and manage tables within your SQL Server database you can either write SQL table creation and administration scripts using Transact SQL to run via Active Server Pages within your web site or connect to your database remotely using Microsoft's SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager or Visual Interdev's Database Project feature.

What does SQL Server 2000 cost?
SQL Server 2000 is optional when you host your web site(s) with us .

SQL Server 2000 database  20mb* 50mb* 100mb*
Set-up Free Free Free
Monthly  15 20 25
Annual (save 2 month)   150 200 250
Additional SQL User Account (pa) 10 10 10

* We provide the same space for Logs as the database size.


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